We, at Satvik Organic, have set out on an organic revolution to create awareness and promote products that are grown or produced through natural methods.  With a vision to bring natural and chemical-free way of living life to every doorstep, Satvik Organics is a leading organic retail store offering a wide range of natural alternatives in groceries, raw foods, personal care, home care, healthcare and nutritional supplements from major brands in organic space. 

Founded by a group of volunteers of one of the world’s largest NGO,  Art of Living, we find our inspiration in the founder H H Sri Sri Ravishankar’s words, “Organic farming is the future of Earth. If we want the earth to sustain itself, we have to go organic. There is no other way.” Our direct ‘farm-to-market’ approach towards the organic agricultural produces eliminates the middlemen and ensures the proceeds reach the right hands.

Through this revolution, we aim at preserving the well-being of the consumers, environment and most importantly, farmers, thus committing ourselves to a safer and better world. Come, join us in this noble endeavor and together, let’s create a life that can be relished by Mother Nature !